Taking A Breather Now That The Students Are On Vacation? 4 Reasons You Should Have The School Carpets Cleaned

23 December 2017
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If you're the administrator in a public school, you probably look forward to vacation. The students are finally gone and you can take care of your administrative duties. However, if you haven't scheduled some maintenance during vacation, you're missing a perfect opportunity to get on top of some problems that might be plaguing the school. One of those problems is dirty carpets. The janitors may have been doing a great job of surface cleaning those carpets during the year, but that's not going to get rid of the dirt and grime that's hiding in the fibers. Read More 

Why You Should Make Professional Upholstery Cleaning A Part Of Your Regimen

13 December 2017
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It's quite common for some people to set aside at least one day out of the week so that they can clean up their home. There is just no substitute for a deep cleaning, and sometimes it takes an entire day to get it done. While you may sweep and mop your floors, scrub your toilets, and take out all of the trash, there's one aspect of your cleaning regimen that may be overlooked: the upholstery. Read More 

4 Things To Check When Hiring A Pressure Washing Service

30 October 2017
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Hiring a pressure washing service for your commercial property not only keeps the exterior of your property clean, it also reduces damage to the exterior of your property and enhances the overall appearance. Choosing a high-quality pressure washing company will get you the results you're looking for, without the problems you'd like to avoid. Here are four things to check when hiring for a commercial pressure washing service. Wastewater Disposal Method Read More 

Tips For Dealing With Pet Urine In Your New Carpets

1 August 2017
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As a pet owner, you know how troublesome pet urine stains can be. If you're struggling with a pet who has bladder control problems or you're training a new puppy, you might find yourself wondering how to deal with those stains on your carpet. With a little bit of advanced preparation, you can be ready to tackle any accidents your furry friend has without much stress. Here are some tips to make your pet urine problems easier to deal with. Read More 

Concerned About The State Of Carpeting Due To Your Pets? 3 Ways Professional Cleaning Can Help

26 July 2017
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If you're the owner of pets, you may have noticed that the carpeting in your home has been worn down considerably over the years. If you're interested in a way to refresh the look of your carpeting without replacing it, it's a smart idea to look into hiring a professional to help out with carpet cleaning. Instead of tackling the large task of trying to clean the carpet on your own, you'll be able to do a great job of restoring the carpet with the equipment and tools that professional carpet cleaners can offer you. Read More