Tips For Dealing With Pet Urine In Your New Carpets

1 August 2017
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As a pet owner, you know how troublesome pet urine stains can be. If you're struggling with a pet who has bladder control problems or you're training a new puppy, you might find yourself wondering how to deal with those stains on your carpet. With a little bit of advanced preparation, you can be ready to tackle any accidents your furry friend has without much stress. Here are some tips to make your pet urine problems easier to deal with.

Fresh Urine Spots

Fresh pet urine spots are usually easier to clean up than ones that have dried up, so the sooner you catch your pet's accident, the better. Before it dries, you have the chance to soak up as much of the liquid as possible, which will reduce the damage to the carpet and the chance of staining.

As soon as you find a spot, take an old, absorbent cleaning rag to the area. Dab it on the spot to soak up any excess liquid that's in the carpet. Don't scrub or wipe it, though. That'll just force it deeper into the carpet fibers and make the problem worse.

Once you've absorbed as much of the liquid as you can, it's time to treat the residual staining with some water. Wetting it with a spray bottle will help you dilute the remaining urine, minimizing the staining left behind. Once treated with water, repeat the process of soaking up the liquid using another absorbent cloth.

Get as much moisture out as you can, then let it dry. Once it's finished, you can treat the whole area with a pet urine enzyme cleaner. This will eliminate any residual odors. Remember that even if you can't smell it, your pets can. That odor is likely to draw them back to that spot the next time they have to go.

Dry Urine Spots

No matter how attentive you are, sometimes you just can't catch these accidents when they happen. If you find a spot where it's dried already, it's going to take a little bit more effort to deal with it. That doesn't mean you can't get rid of it, it just means you'll have to approach it differently.

One way to do it is to rent a small steam cleaner. You can use a hand-held unit that lets you target the cleaning to just the spot where it's stained. The heat and moisture from the steam will break up the stain, making the urine easier to remove. After applying the steam cleaner to the area, use an absorbent towel to soak up any moisture left behind. As with the wet urine stains, follow it up with the application of an enzyme cleaner. No matter how subtle, even dried pet urine will leave behind a smell.

Routine Maintenance

Especially if your pet is prone to indoor accidents, you'll want to think about some routine carpet cleaning in addition to the triage steps. Work with a local carpet cleaner to see if standard shampooing, deep steam cleaning, or even dry chemical cleaning might be right for your situation.

The right approach will vary based on your type of carpet and the other types of stains you might be dealing with. You can even have a stain guard applied to the carpet to help minimize the risk of damage from your pet's incidents. The more proactive you are about frequent professional cleanings, the less struggle you'll have addressing those accidents when they happen.

Being a pet owner shouldn't mean struggling to keep your carpets clean. With the information here and a consultation with a local carpet cleaner, you can arm yourself with everything you need to know to keep your carpets looking great, even if your pet poses challenges.