Is Your Tile Floor Dirty? Know How To Clean It

6 March 2023
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Do you have a tile floor that has clearly seen better days? If so, the task of cleaning it may be quite daunting. That's why it's a good idea to know the techniques for how to clean a tile floor and the grout that holds it together.

Sweep The Floor

Start the process by sweeping the floor, since you want to remove all that loose debris and dirt that could be collecting on the surface. You not only make the job easier by doing so, but you'll avoid working the dirt into the grout during the cleaning process. '

Create The Cleaning Solution

You'll need some type of cleaning solution designed to work best with tile floors. While you can buy a tile and grout cleaning solution at the store, it's also possible to make one yourself things you may already have at home. Simply combine lemon juice (¼ cup), white vinegar (¼ cup), baking soda (½ cup), and water (2 cups) in a container. If you need more than that amount of the cleaning solution, simply multiply the recipe.

Scrub The Floor

You'll want to apply the cleaning solution to the food and let it sit for several minutes. This will help the cleaning solution absorb into the grime and dirt on the surface. Then use a soft-bristled brush to gently work the cleaning solution into the tile and grout to loosen that dirt on the surface.

Rinse The Floor 

You'll next want to rinse the floor using a mop with clean water. You want to soak up all of that excess cleaning solution on the floor and rinse it away in a mop bucket. Keep going over the entire surface until the majority of the cleaning solution and water is gone. 

Dry The Floor

The best way that you can dry a tile floor is by using a clean towel and going over the entire surface. While you can let it air dry, a wet tile floor will be incredibly slippery. A slip-and-fall accident is more likely to happen on a tile surface due to how slick each tile is. 

Apply A Sealant

Applying a sealant to the grout and tile is the best way to prevent the floor from getting dirty again. It creates an additional barrier that will prevent grime and dirt from getting stuck to the surface, and make sequential cleanings easier. 

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