Repair And Maintenance Steps For Commercial Travertine Tiles

29 December 2022
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All-natural travertine tiles will add an air of sophistication to a lobby, an office, or another part of a commercial business. This fibrous limestone material will require repair, cleaning, and polishing techniques on occasion. Learn how a commercial tile cleaning service can keep your new travertine flooring maintained.

Damage And Stains

Travertine is a naturally porous material. If acidic spills or other chemical accidents begin to damage the surface of travertine tiles, eventually the damage may begin to show signs of spreading. A commercial tile cleaning business will address damage and stains first. An epoxy compound is used to fill in chipped areas. A compound will be color-matched to the original color of travertine tiles.

A buffing and polishing process is used to remove bumpy surfaces and provide a group of tiles with a level surface. The onset of a repair and cleaning process will require that travertine flooring is assessed in its entirety. During this process, any loose items that are located on the flooring should be moved to another part of your building. This will ensure that the cleaning professionals will not miss any damage or stains that are present on the flooring.

A cleaning crew will move cleaning equipment along travertine floors in straight lines. Making sure that there are no barriers that will prevent cleaning equipment from being used properly will result in the travertine tiles being restored back to the condition they were in when you first purchased the travertine tiles from a factory.

Open Tile Transformations And Cleaning Products

An open travertine tile contains a textured surface. The porosity of a stone that hasn't been sealed makes it much more susceptible to damage and stains than a tile product that has been sealed. A commercial tile cleaning business may offer a transformation process. This type of process will level out flooring more and will provide each travertine tile with a smooth surface.

A cleaning crew will use specially formulated cleaning products that are designated for use on natural stone products. The crew can finish your floor off with a matte, semi-gloss, or gloss sealant. Before and after pictures that are supplied through a tile cleaning establishment will indicate how effective various resurfacing steps and cleaning processes are.

If you would like to be responsible for the upkeep of your travertine tiles in between service appointments, ask your cleaning service attendants if they supply and sell any natural stone cleaners that you can purchase through them.