3 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Cleaning

20 October 2022
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You may shy away from hiring commercial cleaners because you think their services are too expensive and only big companies can afford them. However, this assumption isn't valid. The professionals can help you develop a cleaning program that fits your budget. Also, buying cleaning supplies is expensive, and you will have to replace the items when they get damaged. 

Apart from the above misconceptions, this article will try to debunk other common myths about commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Is Only for Extremely Dirty Premises

Your office may seem clean, but you would be surprised at the amount of dirt, dust, microbes, and allergens hiding on the surfaces. Bacteria can thrive in shared areas, such as bathrooms, waiting rooms, canteens, and boardrooms. 

Contact with dirty surfaces can make your employees susceptible to diseases like corona, the common flu, and cholera. Also, the pollutants can invade your indoor air space, affecting indoor air quality.

Breathing contaminated air can trigger respiratory complications. Your employees can become sick frequently, forcing them to miss work. This problem can interfere with your business operations, affecting productivity. Moreover, poor air quality can make your customers and workers uncomfortable, negatively impacting their moods.

Employees Can Do an Excellent Job as the Professionals

Forcing employees to clean their offices when it's not part of their work description will make them resentful. The workers cannot concentrate on their duties if they must worry about cleaning daily. 

Also, the employees lack the proper experience to do a thorough job like the professionals. Moreover, your company may not have some cleaning supplies like degreasers, mold and mildew removers, can liners, surface cleaners, disinfectants, floor scrubbers, and buffers.

Safety is another concern you have to consider. The employees can injure themselves while working due to a lack of appropriate cleaning gear like rubber gloves, footwear, wet floor signs, and masks. You might get sued if your employees or customers get injured on your premises due to poor cleaning protocols.

You Can Use Any Cleaning Solutions 

Professional cleaners use special and expensive cleaning chemicals that may not be available in your nearest store. So, don't think you can use store-bought detergents for commercial cleaning. 

Some chemicals contain corrosive substances that can damage your surfaces, leading to costly damages or premature wear and tear. Even if you buy the correct products, you may not know how to mix and apply the chemicals properly. 

No two spaces are the same, so only a specialist knows what chemicals and techniques to use for various tasks. For example, industrial areas require different cleaning methods from commercial ones. 

For more information about commercial cleaning services, contact a local company.