Water Damage In Your Attic: Why It's A Big Deal

21 July 2022
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When you have water damage in your attic, you need to have water damage restoration done right away. Your attic may have far more damage than you even think it has and this flood damage can be dangerous to your entire home. You need to have a flood damage restoration team come to your home and assess how the damage happened, why it's not safe to leave it alone, and what they're going to do to make your attic as it was before it was damaged. 

You don't live in your attic, but the attic is part of the roofing structure that protects your entire home. Protect your attic by not ignoring water damage, no matter how small it may appear to be. Here's why.

You need to learn where the water came from

Water damage can be caused by insulation getting wet because an attic window was left open. This is something minor but it's still a concern. Wet insulation can get moldy and musty and won't protect your home well. Your water damage may be caused by a leak in the roof, but you may not know this until you have a water damage restoration company come and assess the attic damage and where it may have come from.

Your water damage restoration company will not only remove the rot and bad insulation and make sure the attic structure is sound and well-ventilated, but they can also show you where the water damage likely occurred so you can have an attic or roofing specialist come and repair areas that were prone to water damage in the first place. This makes your investment well worth it.

You need to learn how to keep water damage from returning

Attic water damage can be caused by an old roof, condensation in poorly sealed windows, clogged gutters, or even just a lack of ventilation. Once your water damage restoration specialist assesses what has caused your water damage issues in the first place, they can then show you how to keep the water damage from returning. Investing in a great industrial attic fan is just one way of doing so, as is replacing older insulation that is damp.

Your home may have humidity issues as well, which can lead to water damage in the attic since the space likely gets little airflow. Your water damage specialist will clear out as much of the flood damages as possible so you can get back to your normal life and enjoy your home's attic again.

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