Maintaining The Outside Of Your Home With Seasonal Cleaning And Pressure Washing

25 March 2022
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You can do some things outside your home to keep it looking great. Often after a long winter of rain, snow, or other harsh weather, pressure washing services can be beneficial to clean things up and make the property look great again.

Residential Pressure Washing

Many residential pressure washing services specialize in cleaning the siding and exterior of your home using just water to blast away dirt without damaging plants and the soil around the outside of the house. While you can rent a machine and wash the house yourself, it is very easy to damage the siding on the home with too much pressure. Often using an experienced contractor can help you avoid problems. 

When you hire a pressure washing contractor, they will carefully clean the entire structure, which often means using a lift or bucket truck to get up near the top of the house. Starting at the top is vital, so all the dirt and debris will run down the siding that has not yet been cleaned. The dirt is pushed to the ground as the contractor works down the side of the home. 

If you have plants or shrubs outside the home, it is a good idea to cover them in clear plastic sheeting to keep the dirty water off the leaves and protect the plants from the pressure washer.

Roof Cleaning

A residential pressure washing service can clean your home's roof if it needs it. Often houses with trees hanging over the building will build up some organic material on the roof, and using a pressure washer to remove it is incredibly effective. 

The operator needs to start at the roof's peak and work toward the bottom edge to ensure they do not force unwanted debris under the shingles or roofing material. Still, the mildew, moss, and other materials are easily removed when done correctly. Once the roof is clean, it will look much better from the road, and it can also uncover problems with the shingles or roofing that you didn't know existed.

Driveway And Walkway Cleaning

Residential pressure washing services can provide driveway and walkway cleaning services that can quickly remove dirt from your concrete's surface and leave it looking nearly new. Much like cleaning the outside of your home, the contractor cleaning the driveway will start at the top and blast away the dirt and debris that is left from winter or things that have been spilled or tracked onto the driveway or walkway.

Oil and other chemical spills on the driveway may not come off with pressure washing, but the contractor often can minimize them. Some residential pressure washing services from a place like Allen's Clean & Bright can treat the stains with cleaners or acids to remove the oil. Still, sometimes that becomes far more expensive because the water needs capturing to be appropriately disposed of.