Useful Air Duct Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

21 January 2022
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Air duct cleaning is going to be important for both your heating and cooling system, especially as far as keeping them running efficiently over the years. You'll have fewer issues with air duct cleaning if you observe a couple of protocols.

Check the Filter

While you're cleaning the ducts in your home, take this time to also check on the air filter. After all, it will have a huge effect on the performance of your ducts. If it's dirty, you need to get another one set up because that's going to help your air ducts stay clean after you treat them.

However, if the filter is still clean and relatively new, you can continue using it and know the ducts won't collect a lot of dirt and debris in a short period of time. You can talk to professionals if you need filter recommendations that are long-lasting. 

Turn on the Fan After Loosening Debris

An important part of cleaning your air ducts is loosening up the debris that is on the inside. You can try reaching as far as you can inside the ductwork with whatever devices you can find. Then once you loosen up enough debris, be sure to activate the fan setting on your thermostat.

That's going to blow out debris that you were able to break up, leaving behind much cleaner air ducts that now don't have as many airflow issues as before. Do this every time you bring down debris along the walls and top portion of your air ducts.

Hire the Pros for Deep Cleaning

There are a lot of helpful steps you can take to clean your own home's air ducts, but if you're looking for deep cleaning services, it's a good idea to work with professional duct cleaning contractors. That's because they have specialized cleaning vacuums attached to trucks, which can get deep inside your duct system.

These professional cleaning services may be needed if your ducts haven't been cleaned in a long time. A thorough deep clean will ensure your ducts are able to function great and thus help your cooling and heating appliances work efficiently. 

Cleaning the air ducts in your home should be pretty routine because that's going to protect you from many energy-efficiency issues with both the furnace and AC system. If your approach to this cleaning is thorough and focused on the right components, you'll succeed and stay safe. 

For more information on air duct cleaning, contact a company near you.