Hire Commercial Cleaning Services To Avoid Missing These Areas

26 February 2021
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One of your highest priorities as a commercial space owner should be maintaining cleanliness for a healthy working environment. Today, commercial cleaning has come a long way, and gone are the days where a mop, a bucket, and a few cleaning supplies were enough to do the job. Commercial cleaners use innovative equipment to maximize cleaning and take creative approaches with cleaning in order to paint your business in a good light. 

That said, to be human is to error, and there are areas in and around your premises that can go unnoticed during cleaning. Here are a few commonly missed areas during cleaning that will help you modify your to-do list when hiring a commercial cleaning service. 

Indoor plants

It must be nice to remember cleaning every single leaf of both artificial and living plants! The truth is, just like everything else on your premises, it doesn't take long for plants to accumulate dust which also directly affects their health and appearance. 

Wall Hangings/ Frames 

Picture frames and wall decors are not specific to daily cleaning and are therefore easily overlooked, especially by someone who does not clean professionally. Having an in-house cleaning service will make sure these areas are reached. 

Air vents/ Air Ducts/ Ceiling Fans

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, air vents, air ducts, and ceiling fans are easy to miss seeing that checking the ceiling is likely not part of your day-to-day business. That said, they are crucial for heating and cooling and get plenty of use more so in commercial premises. They also call for specialized cleaning equipment to guarantee improved indoor air quality. 

Light Fixtures 

Did you know that dirty light fixtures can waste energy? Light fixtures are in areas of a building that are easily forgotten, especially in hallways, lifts, and staircases. 

Dirty light fixtures consume more energy, provide low lighting and produce a musty smell as the dust heats up. 

Behind Office Furniture and Other Heavy Equipment 

Areas behind bulky office equipment and furniture are often overlooked because these areas are likely to present a challenge when it comes to lifting, cleaning, and placing them back in place. If left unchecked, these areas attract a lot of dust, and a cleaning service is best suited for the tedious task.

A commercial cleaning service is your best bet and so more effective when it comes to thorough cleaning. Often, commercial cleaning services involve team cleaning and assigned cleaning zones, making it hard to miss these overlooked areas. A cleaning service can also be custom-tailored to suit your premises' unique needs, and you can rest assured no stone is left unturned during cleaning. Contact a commercial cleaning service for more information.