Run A Busy Warehouse? Why You Need To Hire A Janitorial Service

12 August 2020
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If you run a warehouse operation, you may not think you need a janitorial service. You might think that janitorial services are intended for businesses that experience a lot of customer traffic. That's not actually the case. Warehouse operations may not experience day-to-day customer traffic, but they still need to be kept clean. That's where the janitorial service comes into the picture. 

Without a janitorial service, you or your employees will need to do that cleaning. Unfortunately, you and your employees might not be able to do a thorough enough job. Not only that, time spent cleaning the warehouse is time spent away from production. Here are four other reasons you need to hire a janitorial service to keep your warehouse clean. 

Maintain Sanitary Work Environment

If you run a busy warehouse, you need to make sure that your employees stay healthy. That's difficult to do under normal circumstances. With the current pandemic, keeping your employees healthy can be next-to-impossible. That's where a janitorial service comes in handy. A professional janitorial service will clean and sanitize your warehouse. Proper sanitation helps to rid the workplace of germs that can make your employees sick. 

Reduce Work-Related Injuries

If your warehouse isn't cleaned on a regular basis, your employees may be at an increased risk for work-related injuries. Dirty floors and overflowing trash cans, increase the risk for slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, work-related injuries can undermine an otherwise effective worksite. Morale can suffer when employees are forced to work in an unclean environment, especially when the lack of cleanliness increases their risk for accidents and injuries. To reduce the risk, and improve morale, hire a professional janitorial service for your warehouse. 

Avoid OSHA Violations

In addition to the increased risk of accidents and injuries, a dirty warehouse also puts you at an increased risk for OSHA violations. OSHA inspectors don't just inspect the equipment when they come through. They also inspect the condition of the work environment. If your warehouse is dirty, you could face violations, which come with penalties and fines. Hiring a janitorial service will help you to avoid the OSHA violations altogether. 

Improve Productivity

If there's a problem with productivity in your warehouse, it's time to consider warehouse janitorial services. It's not easy to remain productive when the warehouse is cluttered with dirt and debris. Luckily, a janitorial service will eliminate that problem. Once you have a janitorial service taking care of the cleaning, your employees will have the space they need to get their work done.