For Proper Repairs, Water Damage Must Be Thoroughly Assessed

16 June 2020
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Whether it a flood, burst pipe, or any other water-related mishap, the first thing on the agenda is to repair the damage. However, to ensure that the repairs performed are accurate, you should assess the damage first. Although you might have a desire to return your home to normal as quickly as possible, learn why it is so important for you to have an accurate account of the damage first.

Water Assessment

Not all water damage is rated the same. It's essential to review of precisely what type of water filled your home. For example, was the water the result of a damaged pipe or a sewage backup?

If the water is from a pipe, more than likely, the water is clean and has a low risk of bacterial contamination. With a sewage backup, the opposite is true. As a result, a flood caused by a sewage backup would require a much more intense cleaning and sanitation process to remove potential health hazards from the home.

Hidden Damage

Water damage is very rarely as extensive as what meets the eye; there is always a lot more damage than you can see. For example, if you see water stains on the wall, you need more than a fresh coat of paint. It is highly likely that the drywall is also damaged and in need of replacement. In the case of an extensive flood, the beams that support the drywall could also be damaged.

For this reason, restoration professionals also perform moisture tests to determine the true extent at which the water has saturated the elements around your home to ensure all moisture-damaged areas are addressed.

Long-Term Concerns

Sometimes, when water damage is not properly investigated, the risk for long-term concerns can arise. Consider a scenario where the drywall sustained water damage, but the homeowner performed makeshift repairs on their own and completely missed this damage.

Over time, the moisture inside the drywall would likely cause mold spores to form, which would also eventually become airborne. As the mold spores traveled, they would produce a foul odor in the home and cause air quality concerns that would only get worse as time progressed. A thorough inspection of damage is essential to eradicate long-term concerns before they begin.

It is always best to partner with a water damage restoration professional for more info and assistance. While they share the goal of returning your home to normal, their main priority is to ensure that all damage is repaired accurately.