Tasks Your Carpet Professional Can Perform To Maintain Your Home Carpets

1 April 2020
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Your home's carpeting, whether it is wall-to-wall or only in specific rooms, provides warmth to your floors and helps absorb sounds and echoes through your home. But with carpeting comes the responsibility to keep it clean to prevent allergies and odors from being within your home and keep it in good repair. For this purpose, you can hire a carpet professional. Here are some repairs your professional carpet service company can complete to your home's carpeted flooring to save its condition.

Stain Removal

Stains appear on your home carpeting from time to time either from pets, foot traffic, or accidental spills. It is recommended to clean your carpets once or twice per year depending on the amount of traffic they receive. Your carpets can attract and hold in dirt, fluids, and odors from foods and pets inside your home. Just cooking inside your home puts odors and grease into the air that collects in your carpeting that can leave it smelling bad. 

A professional carpet cleaning service provides you with the option to refresh your carpets and pull up odors, dirt, and stains. For a difficult or set-in stain, your carpet professional can pre-treat the stain to help lift it from the carpets, then go over it with their steam cleaning carpet extractor. This process entails applying a cleaning solution and hot water to the carpets, then sucking it from the carpets and pads below. As they remove a majority of the heated water, any remaining water will evaporate and dry quickly from the carpets, leaving them clean and dry.

Carpet Patching

Sometimes a tough stain in your carpets will not budget no matter what types of solutions and stain lifters you and your carpet professional use on the carpets. When this situation occurs, your carpet service professional can use a patch to repair the permanent stain. A carpet patch can restore your carpet with a patch that blends in virtually unnoticeably with the surrounding carpeting.

Your carpet professional will use a sharp carpet knife to carefully cut around the stain in the carpet, being careful to part the fibers of the carpet as they make the incisions. Then, they will lay the damaged patch over a section of new carpeting, being sure to match the carpet's nap of both pieces of carpeting. If the patch's carpet nap is cut out in a different direction than the original piece, the patch won't blend in well with the surrounding carpet. 

To learn more, contact a carpet repair service in your area.