FAQ About Air Duct Cleaning

30 December 2019
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Your air ducts supply your rooms with cooled or heated air. Without them, your home would not be very comfortable. Air ducts do not ask a lot from you in return; you really just need to have them cleaned periodically. The following are some frequently asked questions that homeowners have about air duct cleaning — and their answers.

1. How often do you need to have the ducts cleaned?

This really depends. If you have pets in your home, or if your home is dusty because you use a saw in the garage or participate in other dust-producing hobbies, then debris is going to build up in your ducts a lot faster. You may want to have the ducts cleaned every year or every other year to keep them nice and clean. On the other hand, if you don't have pets and your home has an average dust level, you can probably go three or four years between cleaning sessions.

2. Who cleans ducts?

Many HVAC companies offer this service, so call up the company who has done your repairs and installations in the past and ask them. There are some HVAC companies that do not have the equipment to reach into ducts, but they should still be able to refer you to another company in the area that does offer this service. There are also companies that offer duct cleaning in combination with other cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning and mold removal, so this is another route to look into.

3. What gets removed from the ducts?

Anything that is in the ducts gets removed! Some of the most important things that get removed from your ducts are mold spores and dust mites. Removing these items will help keep you from sneezing, and it will help prevent mold from growing elsewhere in your home since the ducts won't be scattering spores everywhere anymore.

4. Can you do duct cleaning yourself?

Sadly, the answer is no. This is really not a DIY endeavor because it requires a specialized vacuum and tubing to reach into the ducts. While you might be able to buy one of these setups, they cost thousands, so you are really better off just paying a professional to clean your ductwork every few years.

If you have any additional questions about duct cleaning, reach out to a company in your area that offers this service; they can guide you.