Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important And Some Important Aspects Of Cleaning The Troughs And Downspout

17 June 2019
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If cleaning out your gutters is one of your least favorite chores, then consider hiring a gutter cleaning service to do it for you rather than putting it off. Keeping your gutters clean is important because rain needs to drain away from your house. Here's a look at why gutter cleaning is necessary and some aspects involved with cleaning.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is A Necessary Chore

You can't tell what's going on inside your gutters until you climb up a ladder for a look. You might be surprised at all the debris that's accumulated in them. Leaves, tiny twigs, bits of bark, seeds, and other materials float through the air, land in your gutters, and then slowly start to decay. Rain helps push some of the debris through, but when leaves get wet, they often get sticky and form a dam instead. If your gutters haven't been cleaned out in a while, they may have leaf dams in them along with a buildup of decaying matter along the bottom of the troughs. Buildup and dams prevent rain from flowing to the downspout. Rain may spill over the sides of the gutters during heavy rain, or water may back up under the roof.

The weight of the organic matter buildup and pooling of water can also cause your gutters to sag or pull away from the house. Once the slope of the gutters has shifted, rain won't drain and your problems will escalate. This could result in damage to your home's roof, siding, or foundation. Clogged up gutters that allow water to spill over the troughs can even be the cause of a wet basement.

Important Aspects Of Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning out gutters isn't always easy, especially if you have a home with more than one level. It's best to clean them out from the top so the insides of the gutters can be seen and cleaned. All debris should be removed so nothing blocks the flow of water. This might require working from a ladder or from your roof so the debris can be dug out by hand. Water should also be used to clean the gutters so the troughs can be checked for proper drainage and the downspout can be rinsed out.

It's important to check the flow of water from the spout to determine if there's a leaf clog inside. If water seems to slow down, then the spout needs to be cleaned by pushing the clog through with a pole or strong jet of water. When you hire gutter cleaning services, they may also check the gutters for signs of damage so you can have repairs done if needed. Some things to watch for when cleaning gutters are leaks in seams, missing hangers, and rotted fascia boards.

By having your gutters cleaned out by a professional regularly, you help guard against water damage to your home by ensuring rain drains away from your house properly.