Keeping Your Beach Area Free Of Debris And Hazards

21 May 2019
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If you own beach front property, you know the time that can go into trying to keep trash, rocks, glass, and other hazards off the sand. The bigger problem is, if left unchecked, these items can work their way under the sand until someone steps or sites on them. The solution involves cleaning the beach regularly, but how do you do that?

Beach Raking

One method of removing debris from the beach is raking the sand to pull out materials that do not belong. Raking the beach by hand could be a huge job if you have a lot of beach front, but there are some options for you. If you have a small tractor or ATV, you can buy a rake that you pull behind you, letting is slowly sift through the sand. The tines of the rake will pull out large objects and you can pick them up with a shovel when you have a decent size pile. 

Beach Sifting

To take the process a step further, you can get a power sifter that goes on the back of a tractor and runs the sand through it. The sand passes over a screen that vibrates, shaking out rocks, nails, glass, or whatever else is lurking under the surface. Once the sand passes through the screen it is deposited on the ground and a rake passes over it, smoothing it out and creating a soft, clean bed of sand for your guests to enjoy. 

Beach Cleaning Services

Not ever one that has beach front can afford to buy rakes and sifters. The alternative it to hire a service to come out and take care of the beach area for you. The service will bring the equipment to do the job and the manpower to operate it so you do not have to do anything but enjoy the clean beach.

Some services offer raking and cleaning as well as clean up of larger things like downed trees or debris after a storm as carried junk onto the beach. You will have to check with the service in your area to see what they offer and what the cost is. In beach front towns there are many people offering these services, so don't be afraid to shop around a little. You may find a great service that is a little more expensive but if you are pleased with the work, it could be worth it at the end of the day. Check out professionals like Heavy Duty Beach Cleaners for more information on your options.