Want To Adopt Cats For Your Office? 3 Things To Consider With Office Cleaning

23 April 2019
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When you look at other office spaces in your building or other buildings in the area, you may notice that a lot of them do not have any experience with pets. Not allowing dogs or cats into the office is an easy way to avoid some of the complications that can come with their presence, but if you're interested in adopting cats to stay in your office and improve employee morale, there are some important things to consider. Most importantly, you should consider the janitorial service you use and whether or not they'll be a good fit.

Service Frequency

After bringing cats into the office, you should expect the whole space to sustain extra wear and tear compared to when there were no cats at all. Not only will you need to get deeper cleaning due to the cats, but you will likely need to get cleaning service on a more frequent basis.

To hire the right office cleaning company, you need to make sure that they will be able to come over and service your office as often as you want to utilize their cleaning. Some companies may not be able to show up enough, which means you may need to look elsewhere for assistance.

Litter Boxes

When you have several cats in the office, you will need to set up a few litter boxes to make sure that they all have a comfortable space to go to the bathroom. This also means that you will need to clean up the messes that are made both inside and outside the litter box. If you want cleaners to handle all litter box cleaning, you may need to get professional cleaning on a daily basis.

In a situation where you are comfortable with cleaning the litter boxes on your own or getting an employee to handle the task, you may not need to worry about extra cleaning related to the litter boxes except for when you want to do a deep cleaning to get rid of any lingering odor.

Cat Hair

One of the things that will likely get everywhere in the office is cat hair, which is something that you may want to minimize, especially if any employees suffer from minor allergies. The great thing about cat hair is that it will usually get cleaned up with standard cleaning tasks.

Paying attention to these details will help you feel confident about adopting cats for your office and hiring janitorial services to help you maintain a clean and attractive office.