Psyche Yourself Up To Clean The Dirtiest Room In Your House

11 February 2019
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It can sometimes be really difficult to get a family member to clean a room. Some people simply aren't interested in putting the effort in that is needed to keep a room looking great. So when a family member moves out, you might be tasked with cleaning the messy room. This might seem really scary, especially if there are pizza boxes with uneaten pizza and bowls of cereal with dried milk caked inside under the bed, but there are many things you can do to psych yourself up and clean that room.

Wear Shoes

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to clean the room, consider putting on a pair of shoes. For one, the room is probably very unsanitary and you won't want put your feet on the floor. Also, when you typically put your shoes on, your brain interprets it as a sign that you'll be doing something serious. Usually, you only put your shoes on when you'll be going to school or work. However, do not use slippers because they are too comfortable and won't give you the right effect.

Take Small Steps

Choose a single task to complete in the room and complete it. You don't have to do anything else until you've taken the first baby step. It's typically easier to complete steps when you break them up into smaller chunks. By simply tackling the hardest room in your home, you'll be making the process much easier.

Stick to the One Room

Do not fall into the temptation of jumping from one room to another, since that will simply take longer. If you'd like to take a break, this is fine. But make sure to return to that particular room.

Place a Large Garbage Can Near the Door

Bring a large trash can with you as you clean. An empty garbage can gives you more of an incentive to want to fill it. If the can is too small, you'll fill it up too much and that may become an excuse to procrastinate. Challenge yourself to throw away as much as possible to fill the garbage can.

Hire Help

If you are struggling to clean a very messy room, you might want to turn to residential cleaning services for help. Professional cleaners can clean a dirty room and also know the equipment and materials that should be used to tackle certain types of messes.