Adopting A Puppy? 4 Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean While They Are Growing Up

8 August 2018
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Living in a household without any children or pets means that you only must worry about accidental spills from food or drinks getting on the carpet. But, adopting a puppy means that you will need to housetrain them, which is a process that you should expect to take some time.

To keep your carpet clean while your puppy is growing out of their youngling habits, you will want to be creative and thorough with the methods that you use around the house.

Room Restrictions

Giving your puppy free roam of your entire house can be problematic in the beginning because you may not be able to inspect every nook and cranny of every room. An ideal solution is to limit your puppy to a few rooms, especially ones without carpeting such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Even if they have access to a carpeted living room and dining room, you may not have a tough time keeping an eye on two rooms. This will also make it easier to train your puppy because you may notice when they are getting ready to go to the bathroom on the carpeting. You can stop it and take them outside, which is great because it keeps your carpet from getting dirty.

Stain Cleaning

If you are able to catch your puppy going to the bathroom inside or shortly after it happens, you can do a sufficient job of cleaning up the floor before it turns into a carpet stain. But, there may be some spots that end up sticking around even after you put effort into removing them. This is when you will want to take note of these spots and rely on carpet cleaners for reliable removal.

Plastic Mats

While you are housetraining your puppy, you may notice them heading to the entry doors when they are ready to go to the bathroom. But, if they are not able to wait until you open the door, they may end up going near the front door or back door. To prevent your carpet from getting dirty when this happens, you should put down plastic mats that cover a large surface area.

Professional Service

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is something that you may want to do while you are housetraining your puppy depending on how many mistakes happen. But, you will definitely want to get this service once your puppy no longer has any accidents in the house. You can get stain cleaning and deodorizing service to get rid of unwanted scents coming from the carpeting.

Following these methods will help you with housetraining and keeping your carpet clean.