Pros And Cons Of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners For Commercial Cleaning

5 March 2018
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Whether you head up a janitorial crew in a large facility or have your own professional cleaning services, you're likely all about efficiency and getting the job done right. And an important part of that is having the right tools to make the job easier, so things flow more smoothly. Here are the pros and cons of using backpack vacuum cleaners for your commercial cleaning needs.

Pro: Backpack vacuum cleaners are very maneuverable

If you've ever tried to vacuum carpeted stairs with an upright vacuum, you know that it's not an ideal situation. A backpack vacuum lets you walk up and down the stairs, vacuuming as you go. It can also help you vacuum under seats in an auditorium, in small corners where a bulky upright model wouldn't fit, and in other situations that require maneuverability.

Pro: Backpack vacuum cleaners have a long reach

The long, thin wand that leads to the business end of a backpack vacuum cleaner can act as an impressively long extension of your arm. Whether you're trying to reach the top shelf of a tall cabinet, the cobwebs on the ceiling, or behind a piece of furniture, the backpack model makes these areas much easier to access than the flexible hose of an upright vacuum would.

Pro: Backpack vacuum cleaners can move fast

If efficiency is your priority, this may be a deciding factor in helping you make up your mind. Whereas an upright vacuum cleaner only cleans the amount of carpet you roll it over, a backpack model cleans anything you wave the wand over. Once you've perfected waving the wand back and forth while walking, you can cover much more carpet much more quickly than you're used to with an upright.

Pro: Backpack vacuum cleaners are versatile

If you haven't considered using vacuum cleaners for non-carpet flooring surfaces, now is the time. A backpack model, when wielded by experienced cleaning personnel, can clean a wood, tile, or concrete floor even faster than a broom.

Con: May tire you out more quickly

No great innovation is perfect, and even backpack vacuum cleaners have a downside. Since you're carrying the machine on your back, you can become tired more quickly than when pushing around an upright model with wheels (depending on how heavy the upright model is).

Con: Can increase the risk of back pain in some cases

If you use a backpack vacuum incorrectly, it can place more strain on your back and increase your chances of experiencing back pain. Prevent this by strapping the machine on correctly and securely. And be aware that in individuals with chronic back pain or a related condition, carrying anything with significant weight can exacerbate the condition.

These pros and cons show the unique advantages a backpack model can offer for commercial cleaning. Whether you're just getting started with your cleaning company or looking for a model to replace a broken-down upright vacuum, consider choosing a backpack vacuum cleaner for your next purchase. For more information on commercial vacuums, contact your local cleaning service.