3 Step Guide For Removing The Rock Salt Stains On Your Office Reception Area's Carpet

16 February 2018
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After a big snow storm moved through your area, the carpet in your office's reception area is probably a complete mess, with dirt and rock salt stains covering most of the surface. If you want to get rid of the rock salt stains and restore some cleanliness to the area, use the guide below to remove the worst of the stains before they set in.

Step 1:  Vacuum up the Loose Dirt and Salt

Before you treat and try to remove the rock salt stains, you will first need to vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dirt and salt. If you do not vacuum first, the excess dirt and salt will clump together, making an even larger mess than you had to begin with.

To make sure you pick up as much as possible, vacuum the carpet twice, going in different directions each time. Fully vacuum the carpet horizontally, then vertically. Once you have removed as much of the excess debris as you can, go on to the next step.

Step 2:  Spray the Carpet with a Water and Vinegar Solution

Now that you have done the initial vacuuming, this step involves treating the spray with a water and vinegar solution. The acid in white distilled vinegar will break down the mineral deposits that are causing the stains on the carpet.

Mix together equal parts of water and vinegar in a plastic spray bottle, and set it on the medium mist setting. Then, douse the stains with the solution. Give the vinegar time to break up the stains by waiting about a half an hour before going on to the next step.

Step 3:  Scrub the Area with a Moist Sponge Mop

After letting the vinegar soak into the stains, it is time to loosen and remove as much of the residue as possible by scrubbing the carpet with a clean sponge mop. Dampen the mop with clear water to make it easier to rub on the surface of the carpet.

Using the same technique as you used while vacuuming during the first step, rub over the stains both horizontally and vertically. Let the carpet dry for several hours, then repeat vacuuming to remove the broken up salt stain.

Although the above removal guide can help you clean up the worst of the rock salt stains on your office's carpet, your rug will most likely still look dull and dirty. To completely remove the salt and grime, contact a commercial carpet cleaning service like Janitorial Services Atlanta to discuss your options for having your carpet professionally cleaned.