Carpet Cleaning Services And What To Expect

2 June 2017
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There is something that is very nice about having a clean home. Clean carpet can be extremely refreshing, but it also increases the life of the carpet. It is important that you are keeping your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, but to truly get down into the fibers of the carpet you need to have them professionally cleaned. Getting your carpets cleaned will leave your house feeling fresh, and bring new life into the carpet. However, you may be asking what to expect from a cleaning service. This article is going to cover how to get ready for a cleaning service, but also go through what you can expect when the technician is there.


When the carpet-cleaning technician arrives at your door, you want him or her to be able to get right to work. The best way to prepare is to make sure that everything is picked up off of the floor, and that the furniture is moved. If you do not do this previous to the technician arriving at your doorstep you could be charged extra for their time and work. Something that is also often overlooked is making a parking spot available. Many carpet cleaning companies run equipment from the truck, and thus it is important to have a parking spot available for them.

When The Technician Arrives

The cleaner is going to have a hot water extraction machine in the back of the truck. This machine is extremely powerful and may be extremely loud. Water is necessary to clean your carpet, and the technician will let you know if you are to provide the water, or if they will bring it in a freshwater tank. The water is necessary for the hot water extractor.  The carpet cleaner will run two hoses from their truck, one is the vacuum hose, which is used for extracting water from the carpet and then transfers it into the waste tank. The smaller hose caries the hot water from the truck to the cleaning equipment in the home.  When rinsing the smaller hose is going to spray an acidic rinse to get grease and oil off the carpet.

Be sure that when the carpet cleaner is in your home that you stay off of the carpet, and that you also stay off the carpet for a few hours after the carpet cleaner has left. You may not be able to recognize your house when they leave your carpets will be so clean. For more information, contact companies like Conscientious Carpet Care.