3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Upholstery This Spring

27 April 2017
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Spring is a great time to clean your entire house, including the upholstery. The upholstery in your house includes all of your furniture as well as your curtains. Here are a few tips for getting your entire house, including your upholstery, looking great this spring.

#1 Take Down Curtains

The first thing that you need to do is take down your curtains. It can be easy to assume that your curtains are clean because they just hang in place all year. However, every time you open and close your curtains you transfer dirt and oils onto them. Every time your pets brush across the bottom of your curtains, they get dirty. Even just hanging in place, your curtains get covered in and accumulate dirt and dust on them.

To get rid of dirt, dust and allergens in your house, it is important that you clean your curtains. Take your curtains down and clean them this spring. Depending upon what your curtains are made out of, you may be able to wash and dry them at home. Remember that fabrics such as silk cannot be dried in the dryer. Your curtains may also need to be dry cleaned, so be sure to check the tag.

It may feel like a task taking down all of your curtains, but cleaning them will make your whole house feel fresh and clean.

#2 Move Your Furniture

Second, it can be easy to let the same furniture sit in the same spot for months or even years without moving it. However, if you never move your furniture, that means you can never really clean behind it. This spring, enlist some assistance so that you can move all of your furniture. This will allow you to clean the ground behind your furniture thoroughly, which is important if you don't want dirt to transfer onto your furniture. It will also allow you an opportunity to clean the often-neglected back side of your furniture, which is important if you want to keep your furniture in good condition. Just because it doesn't see a lot of wear and tear doesn't mean it doesn't need cleaned and wiped down at least once a year.

#3 Deep Clean Furniture

Finally, spring is a great time to deep clean your furniture. You can rent an upholstery cleaning machine or steam machine, or you can hire someone to professionally clean your furniture. Steam cleaning your upholstery is a great way to lift away dirt, stain, and dandruff from your furniture that you may not be able to see with the naked eye, but that nonetheless contributed to the overall wear and tear of your furniture.

After you deep clean your furniture, you may notice that the color looks a little different on your furniture and that your furniture has an overall better smell. Contact a business such as Atlantic Carpet Care for more information.