Will That Be One Maid Or Two? How To Decide How Much Cleaning Help You Need

26 April 2017
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When you finally break down and decide to hire house cleaning services, how do you even begin? There are several commercial outlets for services that you could hire, as well as several private services. Commercial services provide most of the basics like vacuuming, dusting and wiping down counters, while private services will clean everything exactly how you like it. Then there is the question of how many people you need to clean. Here is how you can determine the number of cleaning specialists you need to help you clean and maintain your home.

The Size of Your Home

First and foremost, the size of your home is a big factor in determining how many people you need to clean your home. If you have less than a thousand square feet, one to two cleaning professionals is more than adequate. If you have a spacious five thousand square feet, you may need twice that many to get all the cleaning done in one day. Whoever you hire to clean your home, be sure to tell them the total square footage and number of rooms so that they know what to expect for cleaning routines and the extent to which they will be cleaning.

The Presence of Kids and Pets

Let's face it: kids and pets are messy. There is no way around it. If you one or the other or both, you have a mountain of mess that never seems to dissipate. It is this overwhelming mountain of mess that often leads people like you to hire cleaning professionals. You need help, you have kids and/or pets, and you cannot get on top of the mess without the extra help. When you call professionals for services, notify them right away that you have kids and pets so they can send you the correct number of people in the cleaning crew and the right tools and cleaners for the job. This typically involves at least two, if not three or more people.

Maintenance Services

After a very thorough initial cleaning, you will want to establish maintenance services. If you already know how quickly the house becomes a chaotic disaster, you can set up maintenance services based on that. If you are unsure, your cleaning service will usually set up a weekly service until you can establish how often you may need the extra help. Maintenance services often involve one to two people for a small house or three or four for a larger home on a weekly basis, but that could change with kids and pets and the level of mess that develops over the course of a week.

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