How to Clean Sticker Residue From Window Glass

27 February 2017
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If you use decorative stickers, display pricing labels, or your windows have manufacturer labels, you may be left with a sticky residue long after removing them. The residue can be an eyesore, but it is possible clean it yourself. Here are tips to remove sticker residue from window glass. 

Prepare to Work

For this task, you need:

  • plastic gloves
  • paper towels
  • cloths
  • sponge
  • utility knife, butter knife, or plastic card
  • mild dish soap
  • solvent (lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, acetone nail polish remover)
  • petroleum jelly
  • olive oil 
  • white vinegar
  • mayonnaise (optional)
  • peanut butter (optional)

If the sticker is still on the window, peel it off, then dig as much residue out by hand as possible. Make a glass cleaner from one-fourth cup of vinegar, several drops of dish soap, and warm water. Soak a sponge in the mixture, and clean the window in small, circular motions.

Let it dry, then use the utility knife, card, or butter knife, to gently scrape the remaining residue. Utility knives won't cut glass. If you use a utility knife. hold the blade flat on the glass.

Try a Solvent

Keep solvents away from open flames, since they are highly flammable. Open another window to ventilate. Test the reaction on a hidden part of the window glass.

Dab some rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, or another suggested solvent on a cloth. If you use lighter fluid, dab it on a paper towel.

Apply the solvent to the residue and let it sit several minutes. Scrape the adhesive with the utility knife, butter knife, or plastic card. Clean the surface with the vinegar mixture, rinse, and let it dry.

Remove Stubborn Residue

Olive oil is effective for removing stubborn residue or residue that has been on the surface a long time. Apply some olive oil on the residue using a paper towel or sponge. Let the oil sit overnight. Scrub the area with a scouring pad, then rinse with glass cleaner or vinegar.

If you don't have olive oil, try petroleum jelly. Apply some of the jelly using your fingers. Let it stand on the glass several hours, and scrape it off with the utility knife or plastic card until you get clumps. Wash it off with a fresh paper towel. You may also try peanut butter or mayonnaise.

If you remove stickers often, invest in a specialty razor blade sold in hardware stores or automotive stores. These tools are designed to remove stickers from windshields and work on any glass surface. When no method seems to work, or you don't trust your skill, contact a service like Deep Cleaning.