Showroom New: How To Spring Clean The Outside Of Your Home To Look Brand New

23 September 2016
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If spring is coming up you may have got the cleaning bug. Spring cleaning the home after the winter holidays can make your home less cluttered, plus give you plenty of space to make way for the end of school and summer activities. Along with getting the interior of your home cleaned and prepared, you should also put some work into the outside. Here are four ways to prepare the outside of your home to look new and ready for summer. 

Hire a brick mason to fix up your patio and porch

During the spring and summer, your front porch and back patio will see much more traffic. Have a masonry contractor come out and inspect your patio path and your front porch. If there are any bricks that need to be touched up or if the path is currently cracked, have the masonry contractor repave or replace the bricks in these areas. Also be sure to replace any cracking bricks on the exterior of your home, so that your house looks more stately and new on the outside. 

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Nothing looks better on the front of your home than updated flowers and shrubs. Plant new flowers around the front of your home to liven up the front entrance. If you live in a climate that makes it hard to sustain flowers, plant green shrubs that can easily thrive in the environment. With the arrival of the spring season comes the best time to plant flowers so that the rainy weather can help water them and the greater amount of sunshine can keep them living. 

Repaint the siding

If you have siding, window frames, and gutters that are painted, spring cleaning is the best time to touch them up. Prior to repainting the siding, go over the area and strip off anything that may be peeling or hanging so that the paint will go on smooth. Be sure to get paint in the precise color of your current siding unless you plan to prime then completely repaint the siding on your home. Touch up your gutters and windows so that they blend in perfectly with the rest of your home. 

Clean out the shed and garage

When it comes to spring cleaning, it is important to remember the shed and the garage. Both likely hold tools, such as lawn equipment and sports gear that you may use more in the summertime. Check over the equipment and throw away anything that is rusted, broken, or in poor condition. Replace all equipment that you will need to have a successful spring and summer.