Spring Clean Your Office Building With These 5 Tips

20 July 2015
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After a long winter of snow, ice and rock salt, your office building might be in need of some spring cleaning. Here are some tips to help you spruce up your office for you, your employees and your clients.

Steam-Clean Carpets

Be sure that you have the carpets steam-cleaned to make them beautiful for spring. During the winter, everyone tracked in snow, dirt and other debris that settled into the carpet. While you may vacuum regularly, deep steam-cleaning can use higher pressure and heat to remove more stains and debris from your carpet.

Continue Disinfecting Surfaces

During the flu and cold season, you may have had measures in place to wipe down desks, tables and many other surfaces. While you can scale that back a bit, continue to use disinfecting wipes for high-traffic areas such as the breakroom and reception areas, as well as faucet and door handles.

Avoid Using Feather Dusters

Keep in mind that, for many people, spring means the arrival of seasonal allergies. If you are leaving windows open, pollen and other allergens may float into the office. To avoid spreading these allergens, avoid using feather dusters that will simply move dust and other particles about. Instead, opt for microfiber cleaning cloths, which won't keep particles flying in the air.

Clean Gutters

The roof and gutters of your office building will also need to be cleaned and inspected as spring arrives. Ice, snow, dead leaves, twigs and other debris may be stuck in gutters, which can cause water to pool along the edges of your roof. That might lead to leaks in the future. Clean out the gutters as best you can so that they are not clogged and water can flow freely.

It is also a good idea to check on the rest of your roof as well. Check for damaged and missing shingles, and ensure that the metal flashing over roof protrusions is not loose.

Fill Potholes

Even though your parking lot is outside the office building, it deserves attention as winter winds down as well. Rock salt and other substances may have caused potholes and cracks in your lot that need to be addressed. Talk to a paving contractor about filling any holes so that you can avoid injuries and vehicle damage.

Use the tips in this article to help you clean out your office building for the spring. You might want to consult a local janitorial services company such as Threefold Janitorial Services that can help you ensure your office building is as clean as possible.