Uses For Perforated Kitchen Roll Towels

29 August 2019
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Perforated kitchen roll towels can be used for many different purposes. Although most people think of using the perforated kitchen roll towels strictly for the kitchen, there are many other uses for them. Once you learn about some of the different ways that these roll towels can be used, you may find you can use them for much more than your kitchen tasks. Here are some good examples of various ways to use kitchen roll towels.

All small household spills – Not only can you absorb spills with these towels in the kitchen, but they can also be great if you end up with a spill anywhere in your home. You can even absorb spills in the carpeting with the roll towels first, so you will be able to then scrub the area with the proper soap and a damp rag. Again, once you have cleaned the carpet, you can fold a kitchen roll towel into an appropriately sized square, put it on the area, and step on it to dry the carpet.

Baby wipes – If you find yourself stuck at home with your infant and no wipes, then you can use the kitchen roll towels. You want to get them damp and fold them into a square and then use them just as you would regular baby wipes. Also, you can use the kitchen roll towels as baby wipes if your infant is allergic to the regular baby wipes. Since the roll towels have no soap or fragrance on them, they won't cause irritation like the wipes would.

Coasters – If you find yourself entertaining people and you don't have enough coasters to protect the surfaces of your tables, then you can use folded kitchen roll towels and they will absorb any condensation from the glasses that would cause rings on your table.

Window washing – Perforated kitchen roll towels are some of the best things that you can use in order to clean the windows of your home and/or business, as well as the windows and windshield of your car.


Now that you see just how useful kitchen roll towels can be, you will want to be sure you stay stocked up on them. Not only do you want to keep them in the kitchen for all of your household uses, but you should also be sure you have a roll at the office, as well as in the trunk of your vehicle in case you need them while you are out.

For more information on perforated kitchen roll towels, contact a supplier in your area.