Want to Minimize Dust Buildup After Carpet Cleaning? 3 Changes to Make to Your Home

1 March 2017
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Moving into a new home or apartment is often a refreshing experience because the place has just been cleaned and you get to live in it during the initial stages of its cleanliness. But, this eventually goes away because dirt and dust is reintroduced when the doors and windows are opened, people come inside, and even when furniture and boxes are brought inside as they will carry dust from another place. If you want to get carpet cleaning and then make a legitimate effort to minimize how much dust builds up afterward, you need to make some noticeable changes to the home that can help to accomplish this goal.

Get New Screens for Windows

One of the first things that you will want to do is invest in new window screens. You can find screens that are made with the intention to prevent people from getting allergic symptoms in their home. These screens have smaller holes than normal as a way to keep dust particles from getting through. It will not stop everything, but it will be more effective than a regular window screen. You will want to put effort into cleaning the screen throughout the year because there will be a lot of buildup on the screen, especially when pollen season arrives and the screen starts looking yellow.

Switch to Window Tinting

Many homeowners have some type of window treatment to gain privacy from the outside. Wooden shutters, vertical blinds, or curtains are a few common options, but you may want to avoid them all. It is better to invest in window tinting that allows you to choose the exact percentage of tinting. You can make it so that the windows do not provide any vision from the outside, which is ideal for bedrooms. Replacing window treatments with tinting will prevent the fabric, blinds, or shutters from harboring dust over time. This will drastically reduce how much dust goes into the carpet fibers after you have them cleaned.

Buy Air Purifiers

If you have space in several areas around the house, you may want to pick up a couple air purifiers after the carpet cleaning is finished. An air purifier is not able to cover an entire home, so you may find it most beneficial to put one in the main living space, at the front entrance, and in the bedroom hallway. This will take care of most dust that might make its way into the home and start floating around.

Carpet cleaning is a helpful service that you will want to get on a regular basis, but you can avoid extra service by putting time and effort into eliminating dust buildup after you get a cleaning. For more tips, talk to a professional like Jay's Carpet Cleaning.